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Everything You Need To Know About Boxing Gym Etiquette

The last time we discussed how to get the right boxing gyms Sydney in Australia for your training. Now we assume you managed to get the right gym for your boxing classes. For you to get the most out of your gym, you need to learn some gym etiquette to guide you throughout your training. A boxing gym can be intimidating. Some gyms are located in the worst parts of the country. This being said, gyms are not as hostile as some people try to make them appear. You can get your best friend or lover in a gym. But for you to get along with other people, you need to know how to behave while in a boxing gym.


Talk less and work more

A gym is not meant for talking so if you talk too much, try to minimise your talk while in a gym. You will not be respected by your coach and other members if you talk more than you work. If you want to earn some respect from your coach and other members, you need to know how to listen, learn and workout. Too much talk won’t help you much.


Do not ask too many questions

While it is important to ask questions about what you do not understand, too many questions aren’t necessary. All of the boxing fundamentals are unnatural acts. The stance – hands up, elbows tucked, chin down, lead shoulder pointing towards the opponent and so on.


Boxing gyms in Australia have their rules and you need to read them and understand before you start training. Do not waste the coach’s time asking him irrelevant questions or whether you are doing the right thing. Just keep the fundamentals of boxing in mind and keep showing up. You will learn a lot of things without even asking questions.


Show up

You do not need a full day to rest the muscles that you worked out yesterday since boxing is not bodybuilding. It is a strenuous, repetitive and hard on certain parts of your body. In boxing, you will do almost the same thing every day. If you want to compete, three days a week isn’t enough because you will find out that your opponent is training five days a week. You need to incorporate roadwork in your training.


Do not make excuses

Some guys from other types of martial arts like to make excuses in boxing. For example, when they get knocked out, they will say, “in karate, I would have used my legs to defend myself. Do not come up with excuses for every mistake you make since excuses will hinder you from progressing.



Once you join boxing gyms Sydney in Australia, you will learn that sparring is the most important part of boxing training. When you start working out, you will probably be working with someone who is more experienced than you. This is a good thing. You should work on your defence and be honest with your partner. When you start getting better, avoid mocking other people who aren’t as good as you.

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A Complete Guide On How To Find The Right Boxing Gym

If you have never been to boxing gyms Sydney in New South Wales Australia before then finding a suitable gym for your needs may not be an easy task at all. There are a lot of gyms out there where you will just waste your precious time because they don’t meet your needs. If you want to start boxing classes to get in good shape then fitness gyms may be the right gyms for you. However, if you are serious about boxing and want to develop your skills, you should join a professional gym. The first thing to know before selecting a gym is to set your goals. After setting your goals, you should find a gym that meets your goals.


Today, we are going to talk about types of boxing gyms in New South Wales Australiaand how to choose the right gym to fit your needs. I will give you some top tips on your first boxing workout.


Fitness gyms

The fitness boxing gyms are good for losing weight, getting in shape etc. most workouts in such gyms focus on conditioning and not technique. You are going to do a lot of cardio such as rope jumping, shadowboxing, sit-ups, and some mitt work and heavy bag. In these types of gyms, you will rarely spar. The equipment in such gyms is not great – there are only several speed bags, heavy bags, and sometimes there is not a boxing ring. The coaches in fitness gyms in New South Wales Australia have a lot of conditioning training experience but not so much experience in boxing strategy and technique.


In such gyms, the taxes are higher than the taxes in most of the other gyms but everyone can join them. To get a good gym, you should look out for the local gyms and talk to their manager to know if there are ongoing boxing classes. You need to try various places before you pay for membership. Choose the gym where you enjoy the workouts and where you will get fair prices.


Professional boxing workout centres and gyms

In professional gymsin New South Wales Australia, you are going to develop technique and skills. You can even become a professional boxer by joining such gyms and training hard and long enough. Although the focus in professional gyms is on technique, you will still get in shape. In the worst scenarios, the focus will be on the technique so you will have to do some conditioning after your technique workout. That way, your conditioning will be top-notch. In professional gyms, there are more than one coach and a lot of pros and amateur boxers. There is also the right equipment a boxer needs – a lot of heavy bags, a big boxing ring, weights, jumping ropes and some speed bags.

In professional boxing gyms Sydney in New South Wales Australia, the coaches are experienced. The taxes in professional gyms are not very height for group classes. In professional gyms, you are going to do a lot of pad work, heavy bag work and a lot of sparring. This can be both free and controlled.

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