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Fleeting Wickedness

 Your life is fleeting,

your sins eat you away like



Your Wickedness consumes you

in its fires


Your arrogance blinds you,

your mouth is full of lies 


Without light 

you are dark


Your spiritualty is false;

you are decieved


Led to the gates of hell

by choice

as you feel the burn in your soul 

consume you



Divide the Seas

Anger filled the soul like blood,

rushed to the head like wine 


Retribution was desired,

hatred against liars 



the destruction and pestilence was thought of on my enemies 


If I only had a staff as Moses 

to bring about their annihilation


Divide the seas and let them follow,

let them drown in the fears that overtake them


High and dry away from them

on a mountain of bliss


Calming rain and thunder of god, 

in this desert of tribulation 


Where I walk barefooted,

the sands of time cause wrinkles to form 


Hope of the promised land,

to take me away on a cloud to heaven 


Deliver me from Evil




I love post poems



Society Like a cold clap in the dark you lit a spark of what I was waiting for You hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise can't you see the lies Having long hanging viscous fangs to frighten each other A line is being drawn in the sand when will we understand The pusher on the street knows to well the score is in sight All of the money is tight waving empty beer can to cash them in A solo of sorts to summon the eager minds that plug destruction To get food stamps & disability insurance in you pocket Burning flags in the presence of the socially elite doomed to repeat A challenge to be set free is a question of time my one solution is using mind We work in the factory laboring for that legal tender While pulling out of the grocery store you get a busted fender One needs a heart saturated with truth to stand the test of time Standing in line at the D.M.V. kind of bothers me We as a society have treasured a rose that was sent before us Send the troops home there is no good reason for them to roam The casualties are enormous for a stated cause that's plain atrocious Merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder stop the senseless fighting Yet are nation grows a bit colder from all the anxiety from within Another chance a which to begin again stop the riots in the street With abortion as a plan when will we be able to understand A fetus is a living breathing human being inside not some instant jello Society is filled with people that hate that is their lasting fate Become a beacon of hope to a lost world in need of love This true expression of faith is sent to us from only God above

Sell Outs

Given a place on this earth

to cause suffering,

inflict pain

while making money off of it


Knowing hell awaits,

you live for the now

trying to consolidate your power;

the material is all you think about 


Humanity a commodity, to be bought

and sold as slaves;

the soulless cares little for the fate of the innocent;

the damned only care about their selfish desires


A present fleeting moment;

a lust for things that don't matter,

hell bent on the destruction of man,


Numb to emotions;

don't care if the world burns,

just want to have fun in the process 


In the end you are destroyed,

consumed by your hate of what is good

and your own master takes his vengeance on you,

wiping you from existence,

sending you to Hell,

where you deserve to go

The Unrepentant

Earn the wages. 
of your sin


Today you will do all the abominations

of hell, all the seven deadly sins


As you descend deeper into the pit


No moral code,

evil is a virtue for you


You made a pact with Satan 

and now you have become a tyrant


And every crime you do will be answered for

by the almighty lord of hosts


There is no escape from his wrath 

you are under damnation now


Don't be mad,

this is what you deserve 


All the iniquities you work

all the lives you destroyed 


Now  go meet your infrernal master

who didn't die for your sins



you are black as tar 


Hollow, dead,



Placed in the coffin

where is there no rest for your wicked soul 


But your worm dieth not:

now you will fuel the fires of hell


Keep the furnace going with

your screams of torment 


Thats what you get

that is what you deserve 

Your infernal reward has been earned

my child I release you from your contract


Go Burn!!!!! 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Romans 1:32 KJV

32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.


Rotting inside

Falling apart

souless eyes


Give me my soul back?

At what price would you pay?

Can you afford not to be a slave?


The nightmare is now,

play the role in the dream:

This is the horror you have made 


Born into a cult

sacrificed to the golden



Into the Nile you go

with the crocodiles


Now you are one;

consume the blood,

collect the souls 

Do the bidding like

a good minion of the 

monster who resides in man


A mind warped,

corrupted by

false gods


You suffer

in life and death


Hell is all you know 

that is where your heart is

That is where you will go;

no rest for your damned soul


Sacrifice to lies


Minion of

the villain 

Multiply and be not



The soil is poisoned

with your false seed


That does not grow into

anything but weeds 


Do what is contrary to good 

that is the nature of evil 


Division and



A virus that infects it's own 


Wrong will never be right,

evil will always be evil

A house divided itself cannot stand

but falls into the crevice of the earth

pulled into the pit of fires and tries to drag

everything in its vicinity along with it


But not everyone is a part of that family

neither would they desire to die,

logically they would rather live

and be free then to be slaves to eternity 


Power comes at a price

that only fools would pay

and all debts are paid when

the shadow of death comes their

way as they dream the fate they have

made. Neither do they wake up from the nightmare

but live it forever. 


Reap what they sow,

the reaper comes to collect their souls  








Invisible Man

Stare into the broken mirror

what remains is a soul trapped

in pieces


Like a puzzle,

it takes time to rebuild the image 


In the phantom zone of a mental 

purgatory of the constant fear of damnation


Fighting the battle of good verses 



Aware of the conspiracy to 

to collect our souls 


Across the sea in the land

of darkness


Here is a constant iniquity


A daily battle against an evil


An invisible man who wants to

destroy those who would make a stand

against his tyranny 



Caught In A Trap

Welcome please down to the knee
George will breath
Paint a piano squeeze
Stop spreading the disease
Hero smart deed
A pouch to please
Punk skate sleeve
Traveling tease
Coupled with the strange at ease
Lover bleed
Love so need
Kiss her lips
Like Elvis move those hips
Elvis, caught in a trap
Take a nap
Working too hard can give you a heart attack
No more peeing in the sink
Kiss to tease
George will breath

Worker Bees

Bees they



To the



Like wasps


To the light 


They are pests 


Useless insects 


Group think:

a part of the hive of stupidity



playing their part


They are the lowest kind

of scum 






Their only real job

is iniquity


The money they make

is given to them


By their kind