Rotting inside

Falling apart

souless eyes


Give me my soul back?

At what price would you pay?

Can you afford not to be a slave?


The nightmare is now,

play the role in the dream:

This is the horror you have made 


Born into a cult

sacrificed to the golden



Into the Nile you go

with the crocodiles


Now you are one;

consume the blood,

collect the souls 

Do the bidding like

a good minion of the 

monster who resides in man


A mind warped,

corrupted by

false gods


You suffer

in life and death


Hell is all you know 

that is where your heart is

That is where you will go;

no rest for your damned soul


Sacrifice to lies


Minion of

the villain 

Multiply and be not



The soil is poisoned

with your false seed


That does not grow into

anything but weeds 


Do what is contrary to good 

that is the nature of evil 


Division and



A virus that infects it's own 


Wrong will never be right,

evil will always be evil

A house divided itself cannot stand

but falls into the crevice of the earth

pulled into the pit of fires and tries to drag

everything in its vicinity along with it


But not everyone is a part of that family

neither would they desire to die,

logically they would rather live

and be free then to be slaves to eternity 


Power comes at a price

that only fools would pay

and all debts are paid when

the shadow of death comes their

way as they dream the fate they have

made. Neither do they wake up from the nightmare

but live it forever. 


Reap what they sow,

the reaper comes to collect their souls