Remember when you were a child…just a little kid?

Remember all the fun you had…all the crazy things you did?


Remember when you you were mesmerized by the land…the trees…the sky?

Remember when you laughed a lot…when you weren’t afraid to cry?


Remember playing pirates…watching birds as they took flight?

Remember when you played in the rain and had neighborhood snowball fights?


Remember when you watched insects for hours…built a castle in the sand?

Remember when a few pots and pans were the instruments in your band?


Remember going on scavenger hunts…riding on handlebars?

Remember making forts out of cardboard boxes.

Remember staring at the stars?


Remember playing hooky…jumping in puddles after a storm.

Remember baking cookies with grandma and eating them when they were warm?


Remember getting dirty…remember how you loved to draw

Remember making silly movies…the kind only your family saw?


Well that child you remember…and all those crazy things you used to do…

that child you remember…is still inside of you.


He or she is waiting…of this I have no doubt…

Perhaps today’s a good day…to let that child out.



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