The banana is a delicious fruit.

It’s elongated…curved…and kind of cute


It’s true all bananas are called bananas

they all share the banana name

but when we look more closely…we notice

no two bananas are the same. 


They can be long or short or fat or thin

some can be yellow…some are green

yet when someones says banana…

we know exactly what they mean.


Still, despite the differences in bananas

(if you need a reminder…see above)

the banana in all it’s diversity

is a fruit most of us love


We don’t care where they have come from…

or how they are transported

If they’re grown inside this country…

or if they are imported.


In truth whether we’re looking at them closely 

or seeing them from afar

we tend not to take any notice of how different all bananas are….


or even if we do notice…we never make a fuss

because the differences between bananas 

is meaningless to us.


Wouldn’t it be amazing in this country

from Main to California…from Texas to Montana

If we humans thought of other humans…


like we think of our bananas?

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