Short Stories.

Thunder was heard from outside, I saw the lightning through a hole in my curtains. I knew they had come, I started to walk around. Then on a bookshelf I saw the statue of the Demon, the Demon I knew but instantly again (and to my frustration) forgot his name. Then He spoke to me, the Demon; He discussed with a fierce voice the upcoming end of the world and many other things of which I had no understanding.


The Demon showed me a vision of great Anubis-beasts who made the ground tremble, black they were, with great Anubis-heads and vast bodies without roundings (at least none were such as visible). On top of these Anubis-beasts rode great Pharaohs dressed in white and gold, but immediately through or split from their chests bloody open came zombies, leaving the pharaohs cut open and dead, falling away from the great beasts. That was my vision of the end of the world, which always seems to include zombies.


Ramses came into the room after I heard the alarm of war outside, he said we had to hide from the bullets that would kill a man so he said he would hide me in the cellar. As ridiculous as he is, he put me under the table in a sleeping-bag, that was his cellar, I don't know, maybe he was already mad at this point; it just didn't make much sense to keep lying there so I stood up and walked towards the window. Then a bullet came through the glass, but it was a strange bullet; it seeks its target and keeps bumping to the walls until it has find a target. This time the bullet didn't hit me but almost did as I was unbalanced and had great difficulty avoiding the bullet.


I decided to go to the cellar myself. There were strange colored glass windows (which I don't recall seeing before) in the many rooms (which were all mine as I claimed them before due to the reason that nobody wanted to live there because of the evil things possibly dwelling there). I had really huge rooms but I decided to remain in the small rooms...


Then it happened, the bullet came through one of the windows, as it started to seek its target people came running down the stairs towards me (including Ramses). They all saw it when the bullet hit me, but then something weird happened: it didn't kill me, it made me mad, really insane, delirium in a chaotic way...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had - Cthulhu Mythos short story.

my ode entitled holding delusion

current affairs



Holding Delusion

Banking bond bubble

Just means trouble


Bond apocalypse like

bad drink spike

unwanted flea bite


throwing a brick

house of mirrors

hope barely glimmers


daily done fraud

house of cards

just cannot stand


no collateral

bond market hell

bankers doing swell


bond, stocks dive

bankers contrive

people, live lives


affected by banking

daily lives maddening

economies unbalancing


people getting robbed

soon rule of mob

bankers just sob


cash cow soon dead

gun to the head

more government lead


bailouts for crews

don’t care for you

we just loose


china 4,000 tonnes

gold in system

bonds going to heaven


hope it don’t

grate your cheese

just say please


decided, programmed

money wont last

soon of the past


bankers stole all

capitalisms curtain call

due a big fall


the unfair matrix

put in the bin

start again


breathing again

hope they don’t

get you be warned


lions and gazelles

water together

don’t kill each other


bankers don’t think

same way; stinks

needs a rethink


sooner than you think

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