my ode entitled holding delusion

current affairs



Holding Delusion

Banking bond bubble

Just means trouble


Bond apocalypse like

bad drink spike

unwanted flea bite


throwing a brick

house of mirrors

hope barely glimmers


daily done fraud

house of cards

just cannot stand


no collateral

bond market hell

bankers doing swell


bond, stocks dive

bankers contrive

people, live lives


affected by banking

daily lives maddening

economies unbalancing


people getting robbed

soon rule of mob

bankers just sob


cash cow soon dead

gun to the head

more government lead


bailouts for crews

don’t care for you

we just loose


china 4,000 tonnes

gold in system

bonds going to heaven


hope it don’t

grate your cheese

just say please


decided, programmed

money wont last

soon of the past


bankers stole all

capitalisms curtain call

due a big fall


the unfair matrix

put in the bin

start again


breathing again

hope they don’t

get you be warned


lions and gazelles

water together

don’t kill each other


bankers don’t think

same way; stinks

needs a rethink


sooner than you think

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