I wrote a poem praising dogs yesterday …and many people agreed

But apparently the cats and birds and frogs weren’t happy.

Who knew they could read!


The frog was first to chime in…saying my poetry made him wince

If you kiss a dog, he said indignantly, will he turn into a prince?


Do dogs kill insects every day so they do not run amok?

Are dogs a symbol of fertility in Egypt or do they bring Japan good luck?


The bird was next to criticize…she asked…does a dog have wings?

Can a dog fly to the top of a tree?  Can it glide on the wind…or sing?


Does a dog’s singing help you think of love or beauty and how about romance?

Can a dog help control mosquitos…or pollinate some plants?


Finally a cat phoned me…isn’t it just like a cat to call.

She was angry we had the nerve to compare a cat to a dog at all!


“Cat’s are much more independent.” she said. I think I heard bitterness in her inflection.

“And although cat’s don’t need it from you humans…we put up with your affection.”


“Cats will never learn a silly trick…the kind that dogs are taught…

If you think that dogs are smarter than cats…think again…they’re not!”


After listening to their arguments

(No more animals contact me…please!)

I understand all animals…have their own specialties…


And I end this poem a different person

who understands every animal…every cat and bird and frog

should be proud of their accomplishments

and stand together with the dog….


The dog is certainly no more special than the rest.

I’m speaking now as a diplomat.

(By the way…in case you’re wondering


It was the cat who made me say that.)

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Have you ever watched whales sleep? What a wonderful adaptation.

They float effortlessly in the water… a kind of suspended animation.


It seems we’re similar in a myriad of ways

with our companions of the deep.

not the least of these…

is the way in which we sleep


We are both beautiful in sleep…

A time when our worries and troubles cease.

We become united in our serenity

our silence, our solitude, our peace.


And sleep is where our dreams are made…

be they simple…or extreme.

I wonder while they’re suspended in sleep…

of what do whales dream?


Do they dream of leaving the ocean?

Do they dream of touching the stars?

Would we be surprised if they could tell us…

how their dreams are similar to ours.?


And once again we understand…we don’t have to look very far

To see how like the animals we humans truly are.


Yes…we are born, we eat, we breathe…

we love, we die…we weep.

All things we realize we share…


while watching whales sleep.

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He showed up unannounced…this dog we’d never seen

He stood there, tail wagging…his faced pressed against our screen.


We opened the door to say hello…to, perhaps, pat him on his head

but he had other plans for us and slipped inside instead.


He followed me out to the porch…the scenario unfolding…

Was it my wonderful personality attracting him…or the cracker I was holding?


He finished my cracker, every bit…he did not leave a trace

He sat there while I petted him…and occasionally licked my face.


We discovered that name is Chance…that he loves nothing better than to roam

when his owner stopped in to say hello…and take his companion home.


He said Chance likes to wander but an internal GPS he lacks

Because sometimes in his roaming he can’t find his way back.


And it is no use trying to call him…as he traverses new frontiers

there’s no chance he can hear me…’cause he’s deaf in his left ear.


But when he can’t find his way back…he’ll stop wherever he has roamed

And howl until I find him…then together we’ll walk home.


And as they walked together down our driveway…it was a wonderful epilogue

to see the love a dog has for his owner…and an owner for his dog.


And that night we bought dog biscuits…because here’s something that we learn:

There’s a good chance Chance will roam again…

a good chance Chance will return.




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I sometimes wish I was a bird…

that I could flap my wings and fly…

to land among the treetops…

to soar across the sky.


I sometimes wish I had the life…

of a furry river otter,

that I could dive and swim and spin all day…

and play under the water.


I sometimes wish I was an elephant…

that I could understand

what it’s like to have a trunk…

to be the strongest and gentlest in the land.


I sometimes wish I was a dolphin…

oh, the places I would roam

if I could swim like they do…

if the ocean was my home.


So many different animals…

I sometimes wish that I could be…

I wonder…

if any of them…


ever wish that they were me?

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The End of the World

A fable by Jesus Guerrero & Luis Macias.

There was a time when animals ruled the primitive world, until another superior race surfaced, the humans. From there on out animals lost more and more land and power until they ended up being just kept as attractions for humans’ amusement. Until one day a group of brave animals --after years and years of mistreatment from the humans-- decided to something about it. Deer, who lived for a very long time inside a dreadful place where humans had kept him against his will tried several times to escape that awful place, but all of his attempts ended up in failure.

One day, tired of all this nonsense, he called up a meeting with the other animals to end up their captivity. Duck, Peacock, and Squirrel joined him, as they well also irritated by the years and years of oppression the humans had convicted them to. They plotted an attack against the humans, but little did they know that they had one more animal to convince in order to win, and it was the most friendly animal to the humans, Cat. Cat did not liked this plan, as the humans had always been good and kind to him, they treated him almost like royalty and he was not going to give this up in order to help the other animals be ‘free’.

So one day at a gathering Peacock suggested --We must convince Cat to join us in our revolution-- to which Duck responded --Peacock is right, without him we are completely nothing--. Squirrel on the other hand said --No, Cat must die in order for us to win-- he continued --If he dies the humans will see that we mean business--. Deer was torn between these opinions, he did not know who to listen, but as a leader he had to do what was best for them.

Deer meditated thoroughly. The day of the Revolution the Deer made a speech in which he said --Friends, there has come a time to end this tyranny. We must unite together to put an end to this oppression. Humans have done nothing for us, yet they hurt us, they keep us locked, they kill our children, and even eat them-- he followed --But this ends now, we are at war against this so called “superior” species. Kill whomever comes into your way, show no mercy, for they have not shown it to us.-- Cat, who was looking from a distance heard the wise words and was so moved by them he decided to join them.

The animals did a heroic job, they triumphed gloriously against the humans, as they did not expected the attack. They recovered the land that had been stolen from them and they were finally happy. The few humans that survived were confined to prison and left them alone to starve, just as the animals had been left. The world was over for any human living creature.

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