He showed up unannounced…this dog we’d never seen

He stood there, tail wagging…his faced pressed against our screen.


We opened the door to say hello…to, perhaps, pat him on his head

but he had other plans for us and slipped inside instead.


He followed me out to the porch…the scenario unfolding…

Was it my wonderful personality attracting him…or the cracker I was holding?


He finished my cracker, every bit…he did not leave a trace

He sat there while I petted him…and occasionally licked my face.


We discovered that name is Chance…that he loves nothing better than to roam

when his owner stopped in to say hello…and take his companion home.


He said Chance likes to wander but an internal GPS he lacks

Because sometimes in his roaming he can’t find his way back.


And it is no use trying to call him…as he traverses new frontiers

there’s no chance he can hear me…’cause he’s deaf in his left ear.


But when he can’t find his way back…he’ll stop wherever he has roamed

And howl until I find him…then together we’ll walk home.


And as they walked together down our driveway…it was a wonderful epilogue

to see the love a dog has for his owner…and an owner for his dog.


And that night we bought dog biscuits…because here’s something that we learn:

There’s a good chance Chance will roam again…

a good chance Chance will return.




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