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Please Light The Flame

Please light the flame

found in want insane;
mark the curtain
aside its fragrance
love in the ceiling...
love in the clouds
lover from her honor
love is the sun to chose a passing few
love flows a miracle glow
we all can see the real you
light upon light sticks together like glue
light the torch when...
a gut punch to flow
throughout my lazy window
places we need to go
bust up the beat
enhance by word it's given tempo


A peaceful atmosphere frees my mind

Of both troubled memories and spaced out dreams

My mind flows and becomes one with the peace

That bowed down to my need of escape

Beautiful Paradise

Bright Poetry

Flying on a cloud to a beautiful paradise.
Clear blue skies doves fly by my side.
Everyone is in for this ride of a lifetime.
Smiles as we glide in the sky.
Now we're preparing for landing on this distant planet.
The rivers flows a stream of happiness.
The Trees waves the natural symbol of peace.
No one is ever envy.
We having a fest of good eats.
Everyone is finished with their plates.
Now we on our way to a festival with many festivities.
Listening to profound musicians and being amazed by magicians.
Wow when we will we wake up from this blissful simulation.
If we don't this is our new nation Beautiful Paradise.
How amazing to our problems subside now let's continue to reclining.
In a society of sliver linings no dark nights.
Just blissful days in our Beautiful Paradise.

Monte's World

I welcome you to my world a place of diversity and rhyme!
You'll find stories of success and tales about how society will prevail!
I also wrote about my personal hell and doubt was my hell.
I escaped it and now I'm the architect of my destiny.
And I will not forget to thank the people who helped me.
My family, teachers and friends.
I thank you for your time and expanding my mind.
Now I'm here on the frontline fighting for mankind!
Keeping hope alive!
No it's not pride just a fire inside!
I want to help everyone with my speech want you all to keep pushing til the destination is reached.
Doesn't matter if you got through clean or just off the grit of your teeth.
Complete the dream avoid the harsh reality.
Because reality is wrong and dreams are for real.
Wise words from Mr. Shakur follow a goal and doors will open eventually.
Please believe it this is the season of succeeding and winning!
Welcome to my world a place where I remain believing in a dream.
Do the same for yourself build your own world then help the real world with your poetic words!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I welcome you to my world and you welcome me to your world!

Creating Poetry

One More Time

Through my hands, flows my soul,

it feels like ice cold water

slowly rushing down,

at my finger tips it vibrates

and sings a tune.

The tune changes to the beat of my heart,

to my emotions and to my mind.

Bringing reality one step back

and life 

one step forward.


Not once

will I ask for more than a feeling.

Not once

will I ask for more than a sound.

Because it is not for me to make a request,

but instead to listen

to what there is to be said.

For in the end we are all

a body,

a mind,

and a soul.

To move all three

is a very large feat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

While thinking of something to write, I went looking for inspiration and as i got closer to being fully inspired this sorta hit me. This poem sorta describes at least for me, what I look for when searching for something to write about. Enjoy :D