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An Old Worn Out Shoes

Discarded in the gutter,

Trailed by the way of my journey,

A pair of my old worn out shoes

Never to walk in the streets again.


As my body rolled onto the gurney

To throw me away in the death chamber,

My gnarled toes and feet

Stuck in earth by the burden

Of my head to toe,

Wetted in blood tickling sweats

I create during my whole life.

Tucked inside the shoes,

Never I’d take my shoes off from my feet.


Which made every walks of my life

Comfortable in the streets,

Alas! Someone put off my shoes

To throw away in the gutter. 

When I Grow Old

I remember a story told of a red-haired girl who never grew old,

who died when there came a great famine.


In one pale hand she owned a sheep's knucklebone,
the other a sprig of winter jasmine.
Though her kin all left for distant shores she still lies in repose,
near the ruins of Carbury castle in Ireland.
Irish lore has it written that the lass was once smitten,
with a young lad who went off to war and then died in.
Alas, it's been long that she's been dead and gone,
listen.., you can still hear her mournful tune.
She sings when gales blow near two barrows of old,
o'er the green heath nestled 'neath Carraigdhoun.
Crestfallen, he sails through still waters where dwells, Kilcullen's lost daughters,
well preserved in the dark peat bog of Carbury.
Be careful where your feet fall lest you join them in the deep halls,
where the lost maidens of Own na Buidhe lie buried.

Sequential, Over The Top

Sequential, Over The Top

shade of grass before you smoke your pot one can learn a lot
Safe in the special test of time your united arrest being put to the test
Come climb with emotion as if a blade of grass
Growth, swerving & young
Neil Young
keep on rocking to build a bridge
have you ever been onto the bonus round

lifting, sifting and tripping
boil the water trim by your local barber
with tough hold one must freely go

Shade Of Grass

Magi Lightning



through that storm brought a storm


in my lost storm


in mist of a plating of glass


A new dawn


The nature's canvas

Changes colour from black to blue

A new dawn

A new beginning

The golden sun's warmth

Green leaves tightly

Holding on to

Birds singing

Bees buzzing

Everyone's dancing


To the tune of

A new dawn

A new beginning

Thinking about you

Sitting here thinking 

Thinking about you

You are constantly running 

Running through my mind

Mind You are beautiful

Beauty that is always

Always there everytime I see you

You stand there 

There I stand

Standing there 

There for you