Haqueian Verse


Did you hurt?

I loved you,

Not a,



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Why are you like Helen so beautiful?

Making all others go fool,

Why are all the planets round?

Why does my heart long for thy sweet sound?


Why are not gold and diamond like air, water, free?

Why is green the colour of a tree?

Why does the minute hand love and chase right?

Why is the Tajmahal more beautiful during night?


Why do people like Agamemnon quarrel for power?

Why do we divide ourselves between higher and lower?




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Why do we care?

Why do we not?

Why do we live?

Why do we Die?

Why do we Hate?

Why do we love?

Why do we Watch?

Why do we act?

Why do we Walk Away?

Why do we stay?

Why do we cry?

Why do we smile?

Just, Why?

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Politicians, Actors, Music Stars, Athletes.


Why do we put them on the pedestal?
Why do we adore what they do?
While they take all we have,
All we have known.

Are we too blind to see?
Was it really meant to be?

They prosper from the little we have,
They take what we don't even have.

Who is to blame?
Myself? My Soul? My faith?
Who is to blame?
From such a shame!

Many have killed for them.
Many have lost it all for them.

It's our fault,
not theirs.
For we are the ones to blame.
We are the ones who made them.

Their insecurities are our enteirtaiment.
Their failure is our pleasure.

Their money...
Is what we want.

Their life....
Is what we envy.

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An Understanding


Why is it that people care

People I have never met

People I have known

Love in their minds is set


They tell me that they care

And it’s me they wish to hold

Forever and till time repeats

That love will never grow old


All I want to know is why

Why am I so loved by you

Why do you tell me that you care

Can love really be honest and true I want to


But I can't want to believe it you know I do

But I can't believe what makes you care

All I know is that I believe you

When you say you'll always be there


Just answer my questions for me

And help me finally comprehend

What it is about myself that makes

People to my every whim bend



Written on

October 4, 2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Asking why and getting no answer.

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Some times you just gotta pick up a bottle and drink yourself right

and sometimes it's hard to remember all the things that you want to forget.

and some times you have to pretend that everything you know as a lie is right.

and some times your gotta hold your head high, thinkin everything's fine

and its fine, thats life

here to bite you in the ass, a never ending class of'

judgement and fear annd love and time

spent wonderin why we were even put here if we're all just gonna die, sometime

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life rejected

Theres days when i want to die

because i realize who i am

fuck me!!

the very esscence of my standing for

do  I even give a shit, do I even care any more?

Life can't be like this forever, but god it better change soon

or I think I  might join you

and I might fall down

I wouldn't be surprised if i found a way to ground myself.

no punishment intended

my life so rejectedly ended

and who wants me?

tell me the truth

who wants me if there's nothing i can do

Help! help! every cell of me screams

but i'm too busy being me  to realize that i should be some thing beautiful, some thing free

when life is worthless and so un easy

all it takes is a little room to be

but the air is suffocating me because i'm finding every way possible to make it more difficult to breath.

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   Standing on my knees, I begged you

Blood spitting of my mouth,

To give me a sign,

And even then I was not angry, I would pray to you,

Hollow man,

To protect my love ones,

Catch me if I falls,

Because if I knew,

Your arms was around me,

I think I would i believe again,

But your words was always silence,

Your voice empty,

Overtimes I turn away,

Suddenly I see you change

Break me like a child,

Crucifix in blood,

Your voice is dead; your words always empty,

Please say the right words, lost for ever in a happy crowd,

Nothing is left, your faith,

Can’t you see I am walking alone from your sacred house?

Please hold my hand, don’t let me go, because I shall never go back to you again,

You broke my soul,

Bruise my heart,

Eat my soul,

Was I such a sinner?

And the same answer came back,

Your words are silence….




Author's Notes/Comments: 

there is no need to ask you a question, your words shall always silence

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