Standing on my knees, I begged you

Blood spitting of my mouth,

To give me a sign,

And even then I was not angry, I would pray to you,

Hollow man,

To protect my love ones,

Catch me if I falls,

Because if I knew,

Your arms was around me,

I think I would i believe again,

But your words was always silence,

Your voice empty,

Overtimes I turn away,

Suddenly I see you change

Break me like a child,

Crucifix in blood,

Your voice is dead; your words always empty,

Please say the right words, lost for ever in a happy crowd,

Nothing is left, your faith,

Can’t you see I am walking alone from your sacred house?

Please hold my hand, don’t let me go, because I shall never go back to you again,

You broke my soul,

Bruise my heart,

Eat my soul,

Was I such a sinner?

And the same answer came back,

Your words are silence….




Author's Notes/Comments: 

there is no need to ask you a question, your words shall always silence

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