rusting emotions

Time Passage


I thought it was all going to be okay

Life would be better without you

For a long while since

It has been very true


Then I began to relive it all

All that we had been through

And realized one tearful night

My love for you was still true


I was going to act upon this

And tell you my heart was still yours

As it was fir so very long

I am sorry for all the hurt and I’ll heal the sores


Then everything went terribly wrong

Love for me you did not show

Yet sadly when confronted

You asked your friends why they went so low


This tore me up inside you see

The pain was so real and intense

But I never let it show

I never gave you any hints


Moving on is my next goal

To forget you is a must

Throw away my feelings for you

And let those tender emotions rust



Written on

November 5, 2000 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was yet another written about a boyfriend. It was about how i let him go, found I still loved him, and was confronted with the fact he didnt care anymore.

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