My House


Mother did you hear me cry?
You didn't even explain to me why
You had brought me to this place of rock and stone

My time has come now; I'm dying to leave this place
This planet of darkness and sorrow

You had set me out all on my own
You gave me the insight to see through your gaze
But you didn't know that I knew your ways

My time has come now; I'm dying to leave this place
This planet of rock and stone

I need to go to a planet of my own
A place in which to graze
I'm going to my house.

My time has come now: I'm dying to leave this place
This planet of false prophets.

Father I forgive you,
You couldn't have possibly known
You gave up your vows and now see your child grown.

My time has come now; I'm dying to leave this place
This planet of false pretense.

You couldn't see me all alone
Nor in darkness shadows fall
Where were you all?

I am at home now; from here I can reach up to the stars
I'm at home at my house on Mars.

Never will I smell the oceans breeze
Nor climb Earths massive trees
For I am alone all on my own

In my house.....


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was actually an Inspiration from a song I had heard.  By Ayreon vocals by Johan Edlund.

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Old Poems

vulnerability seems to have her stripped and wilted in a corner;
moaning like a morner

slowly dying
like tiny stars in the speckled sky,
they are far above her head; she's better off dead

nowhere to hide the shame; no one left to blame
those feelings forever burned in her skin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any comments, good or bad, are welcome. Please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it, how it made you feel or what you didn't like about it. Thanks for taking the time to read my work. :)

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If I could die in your eyes,
I would awake in your caressing arms.
Your body you surrender to me,
As your lips tell unworthy lies.
For you my life I'd stake,
But I know your heart I could never take.
Your eyes avert, untrusting.
As our bodies collide, en-thrusting.
The motions of sex to me you give.
When with just one passionate kiss, I could live.
Your mind, a puzzle too difficult to read.
And your emotions, undetectable; the stone that can't bleed.
I have concluded that sex without emotions equals emptiness,
As does with emotions unreturned and rejected.
So I fear that I may be an empty person,
Empty within myself and you.
For I am just a fool beaten and dejected.
But what fate lies ahead of these empty souls,
Is a question for us two.
This question can only be answered by the eternal God of Time.
My emotions, though I should beware.
Are a bold statement within the air.
And you act as if you don't care, or you don't want to.
The voices know that I can't refuse,
Even though they know that I will lose.
And to the eternal God of Time;
Impatient, but he must wait.
For truth is not within fate.
As this pair of souls have committed their crime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem written on the same night as Pleasure... over the same girl. Blah Blah.

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