licking a**






   There are many forms of hypocrisies,

Flattery reflecting on the mirror of fantasy,

Je t adore on the wall of insanity,

Or simply licking bums on


I long for honesty!

And all I see, if broken heart,

Savage souls, searching illusions,

Broken brain, an issue!


Please be the poet you pretend,

Live and let live,

Alone do you think one care?

If so you are the fool the king,


We all write all torments, joy and pains,

Hoping for those appraisals!

Don’t denied it,

Like any fragmented spirit, you long for too!


I have enough of hypocrisies and lies,

Come clean, I do,

I cherish the comments and the praise,

And as far as been bless by such,


But I realised this garden is full of decay,

Poets who look for love and surprises,

Don’t be so silly,

There are only corpses of your decomposed proses!







Author's Notes/Comments: 

parfois cela fait du bien de lacher la vaqpeur!