I've got a throb in my head.

I got a throb, oh I'm dead.


A throbbing pounding crazy screaming,
freaking squeeling bitch of a headache.



It is really quite an ache.


It feels like it will break.


It's going to break.


I don't know how much I can take.


Take it and make it break.


It aches. It will break. Let me take.

Let me take all week long.

Let me take it all year long.


Bitch, you must make me take it, and make it break.

Make me take.
Take it.
You must. You must.
Make me take it.
Make me make it.

Make it far.


My head is throbbing.

And it's not stopping.


I need an aspirin.

If I can find an aspirin.

Will it help?

Maybe not.

Because I've got the headache from hell!


I need a quick fix to take away this.

And it's going to take a lot.

The throb is calling the shots.


It's so discustingly cosmic.

It's so sick, I need to vomit.


So deep in the distress.
It's a dizzying mess.


I've got a throb in my head.
I don't know what it is.
Or when, if I can even rid this miserable bitch.
I got a throb, oh I'm dead.
Yes, It's all in my head.



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Sick Words dO_~b


Yea my words are so sick I got that influenza flow // laying down in bed as I influence the flow // got the only headache in this eye ~__• so u can call this moment beast mode // shooting words to the mic like i got no chance to reload // cuz ima rap god & you just a hip-hop criminal // your name don't even matter it's just dumb ass syllable // its when I'm on the mic that I perform miracles // hits so big that they become biblical // dam.. just listen to my words as I begin to let them free // store them in ur mind as they start to manifest & feed // collaborate ur thoughts as they will help u to exceed // yea some hip hop medicare will help u to ur feet // but try to diss me & I'll get u begging on ur knees // a gemini at birth with sides like isosceles // man y'all must be getting sick all I hear is god dam weeze // but my words became that asthma pump that made that niqqa leave // & I'm done with this rap cuz I'm finna take a nap // just a quick freestyle I had to get off my back // dueces v__v


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