Sick Words dO_~b


Yea my words are so sick I got that influenza flow // laying down in bed as I influence the flow // got the only headache in this eye ~__• so u can call this moment beast mode // shooting words to the mic like i got no chance to reload // cuz ima rap god & you just a hip-hop criminal // your name don't even matter it's just dumb ass syllable // its when I'm on the mic that I perform miracles // hits so big that they become biblical // dam.. just listen to my words as I begin to let them free // store them in ur mind as they start to manifest & feed // collaborate ur thoughts as they will help u to exceed // yea some hip hop medicare will help u to ur feet // but try to diss me & I'll get u begging on ur knees // a gemini at birth with sides like isosceles // man y'all must be getting sick all I hear is god dam weeze // but my words became that asthma pump that made that niqqa leave // & I'm done with this rap cuz I'm finna take a nap // just a quick freestyle I had to get off my back // dueces v__v


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