good night

Goodnight My Love

Looking for some nice words to say goodnight to your love? !! Congratulations!! Here you will find a variety of good night phrases for your love with which you will leave that person in love, we leave them below.


All day I was thinking about you and waiting for this moment to say good night and tell you something very important to me. I love you my love!


Not being able to be together today doesn't mean I don't think about you, I wish you good night my love, dream beautiful, I will dream about you.


Having a good night is synonymous with sleeping with you, so that all my nights are good with you. Goodnight My Love!


Being together all day is important, but being with you all night is the best. Have a nice night my love!


I think I will not be able to rest well if you are not by my side when sleeping, you are my perfect relaxation and harmony. Good evening my precious!


When the day is over and we have to sleep I get happy, I will be by your side all night and being by your side is what I love most. Good night beautiful!


The sun goes down and the moon comes out to parade, it is night and what I love is love. Good night my precious. Rest well!


Not being able to sleep together for me means to spend a sad night, I hope that good night gives you the happiness to sleep peacefully. I love you! Read more Goodnightexpert

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The important thing is not to stop thinking about each other, even if we are separated tonight, our love will make us have a happy night. Goodnight My Love!

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Good Night

Good Night,
Hold Me Tight,
Sweet Dreams,
It Feels Right.

Good Night,
Sleep Tight,
Don't Forget Me,
The Next night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem that just came to me, and the rhyming came to me.

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He crept in the night by my window

So that he might say hello

And wish of me sweet things.

That night I dreamed and slept at ease.

With my covers pulled tight

My toes nicely warm

Then snapped with a jolt

Like the unnatural breaking of a bone

Suddenly awoken from rest

A tingling feeling over my face

My hart freezes

To the crashing and screeching

Of where my window once was

To the shattered remains

Of a brick that barley graze my skull

and opaque glass fragments

That steals my innocence