He crept in the night by my window

So that he might say hello

And wish of me sweet things.

That night I dreamed and slept at ease.

With my covers pulled tight

My toes nicely warm

Then snapped with a jolt

Like the unnatural breaking of a bone

Suddenly awoken from rest

A tingling feeling over my face

My hart freezes

To the crashing and screeching

Of where my window once was

To the shattered remains

Of a brick that barley graze my skull

and opaque glass fragments

That steals my innocence


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thank-you for the complement. However, this poem was about me trying to work thorough the anxiety from a stalker that kept on stalking me and eventually one night throwing a brick through my bedroom window in the middle of the night which grazed my head. It was a terrifying experience to be woken this way, i felt afraid and instantly unsafe. A sense of security and nativity was stolen from me. In writing this I was able to over come some of the fear and anxiety I had at that moment. I hope this is not what your window reminds you of =(