Make it last

Feel the future,
feel the past,
feel the moment,
make it last.
Struggle and get back up,
walk in triumph.
Make memories that last,
make em fast.
Look back and laugh.
Want them again.
Remember the old,
But look forward to new.
Then when your cold,
use them for warmth
and you'll never be alone.

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Moment August 25, 2012

Another day.
Another life.
Another moment
Where has the time gone?
Were we just lost
and given up on that firendship?
Years have gone by
with me wondering
how those cracks,
trials, and tribulations
have tested yet severed our friendship.
In the end, it was not
meant to be.
We've both moved on.
Surely, we'll meet again
like the stars in the sky.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not my best work but surprisingly, I have been writing. Better than nothing?

Lullaby Goodnight

Lullaby Goodnight

If you could only see what i see..if only you could feel the way i feel..if only you could hurt the way i do..if you did, you would learn that all those emotions i have are yours..im sunk to deep, i drown in your every word..why do you take me by the hair and leave me hanging there..you tell me things to make me go..but you know..if i was to die..it would be for you..when i cry i hurt myself thinking about you..walls i break..new ones you build..i could do forever..hold me close, be my friend..think of me once..then never again.. if you hate than i love..when worlds collide and become one..i fall and u smile..i dont mind i can wait forever..even when you cross the point of no return..it returns to me..be my enemy and ill be yours..pretend to live but we all know your dead..you want life but dont trust it..i feel this way because you never say its wrong to do so..

i can be silent, i can be wrong..but why does it always feel so right..you gave chances..i was to late.. you ask and you wonder..why am i the one left to ponder..we say goodnight but never goodbye..you call me by my name but it doesnt feel the same..if you lead me i will go..if you say so i will know.. if you mean me no harm..if you want to see where we go..all u need to do is tell me..i break when i dont know if you hate me..tell me you secrets and lies..spill out why u can never love..show me when your eyes bleed bood..its funny how it all started..dust caught in the wind..just small chances.. you hide behind all the fake you created, and u know i can see through it.. days that turn into months and soon another year..your fears can become my strength and getaways..your hurt becomes something i need to hear..your life you say is a long one to tell..im young enuf to live threw your tale..you turn and i squint..you close but i open..are you affraid of what you`ve never had..are scared that what you`ve dreamt about, is so real its worth letting it go..

if only i had more of you to know..for know every other night you send me lullabys..they sing me to sleep..when i dream of what your past was like.., i switch the songs to the storys i think you would like..the sweetest thing you say when it flows like a hi..is when you say sweet dreams goodnight..please never switch the last words you say to.. goodbye..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my bfest friend who i care so deeply for..but is trapped behind his own walls to see that all his deep drakness could become a bit brighter if he only let go of the past and let the tangled mess within his chest unfold..with that..knowing that even if trusts is very little..to know..i am and always will be there for you..even if you forget me..

This is for each night we stayed up and talked endlessly about the good..and the bad..and this is for you even if u never see it..

When you leave know your taking a little part of my heart with you..the future only knows if u will return it back to me..