future mind life

"Until then"

My words one day are going to rape the media, kill the bugle's ,and drill history with my name..

I may not carry some sense to your cells

Ring the bell

Hear my words yell

Let me take it basic

With a good paste an..

I love the chips

I love to dip

But not double dip

It's quite a trip

When I flip like a burger

I'll show all sides of me, take it 3-D

Till you meet me you won't see no 2-D

till my days turn black it's a different dimension

Chew my wisdom, taste the flavor

Do yourself a favor

Don't swollow'till you actually chew the meet

until then you can judge me..


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Make it last

Feel the future,
feel the past,
feel the moment,
make it last.
Struggle and get back up,
walk in triumph.
Make memories that last,
make em fast.
Look back and laugh.
Want them again.
Remember the old,
But look forward to new.
Then when your cold,
use them for warmth
and you'll never be alone.

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Looking up into the
i wonder
if there is
a God
looking onto 
the world
i ask what i was
created for
what peace can i 
how can i be more
than a normal being
laying on my
i dream of a 
i can be a 
but i am afraid
to be better
because what surrounds
i listen to
peace and love
but feel none 
of the above
shooting and shouting
cursing and slaying
i mean who are
we portraying
black is beautiful
black is now
but i see ugly
and black is how
all the struggle 
rubbed with pain
look at our history
then what we are today
where is that Rosa
or that Martin King
feel what we tolerate
what do we bring
pissed and brainless
is what they say
no more freedom
is what we create
Black is beautiful
we should take pride
but live for today
not take a life
we need a change 

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