Something are lost
Something are found
Somethings Perish
Somethings apear
Somthings greater than others
Somthings soo small and tiny
From Dusk to Dawn I am searching
searching for answers
Answers to questens
That have messed my mind
answers to questens No one knows
no one but me
Even in the dullest of days
sharpest nights
Fear stricks me on these answers
But why to These extreames i must go
To find these answers
to put my mind to rest
to soothe my soul
to let me sleep
Something are lost
Something are found
Somethings Perish
Somethings apear
Somthings greater than others
Somthings soo small and tiny

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just somthing i wrote in my free time :P

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That the scent of your roses never die,
the rivers from our tears never dry...
In your memories, I bury my love, so
your life will forever grow in me-
On borrowed time the path we choose
is our own...
In destiny's eyes no one is never
"gone too soon."
The heart aches become pillars of strength,
as we embrace the coming of a new day
without you in our arms-
Sadly we mourn, together we cry, united
we rejoice the celebration of your life...
embracing every moment we had with
So these tears are no longer of sorrow,
but of joy...
Thanking the Lord for the honor of being
part of your life, and a blessing in OURS!!!
We smile now, because we miss you.

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In Memory Of Sarah Roberts....

Untitled 004

Untitled Series

I was innocent once, before I
was born...
Now I am guilty of sins and
My wings stayed in the garden
of Eden, salvation revoked...
Now I toke the good herb from
Mother Earth, sometimes I
reach heaven's door and knock...
knock, knock! but no one
answers, "They are probably
still asleep."
I am a crazy diamond shinning
across the sky...
In my past life, I was a Quiche'
Warrior giving praise to the
Plum Serpent-
In this life, I am fighting for
survival, hiding from the
'Tigers that broke free'...
An ocean of sorrow washed
away my home, now it sits on
top of a mountain, made out of
Keep your sticks and stones,
they might brake my house-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Keep your sticks and stones!

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'Clouds'...A Brick on the Wall

I cannot help but notice faces in the clouds--

memories of a forgotten yesterday come to mind.

Dreams hang from certain clouds like apples on a

tree, the blue sky behind the clouds is a miracle

awaiting for faith to come around--

The Sun brakes warming a feeling of hope in the

clouds, some shed tears, others laugh--

Clouds are scattered, one is a dragon blowing fire

across the realm of time...traveling clouds scream

for an end, only to be welcomed by the storm ahead--

a breeze is beginning to blow, yet it is only a whisper

in the wind.

A war has began in front of my eyes,

clouds resembling battles in my life--

One of the clouds looks like a demon I once saw in

one of my drug induce experiences...

A white blanket now covers the sky,

lost and confused the clouds come together for safety-

From a distance I can see a ray of prosperity trying

to set free the agony of being a slave...

Sitting in front of the window clouds are my view,

I wish I was free like them--but I am reminded

that I am only another brick on the wall...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are all bricks on the wall...

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