End of World

the life strangulation

People started satisfying their pockets with money and rivalry. Jealousy and avarice began to emerge with a powerful strength and people forgot the real meaning of life. Tears and fears started to appear and the dust clearly heard how the downfall of humanity was approaching. The Gods of the Olympus started to get concerned about what they saw day by day. The Gods hoped that someday everything would turn out to be, just as it was before.
When the Gods noticed that humans wouldn’t find a way to solve this problem, they decided to gather up their powers and together come to a conclusion for the problematic situation. Unfortunately all the Gods had lost hope in humanity so Hades stood up and said, "If everyone here agrees that there is no solution for this problem, we only have one thing to do: I will visit planet Earth, and would walk among the people and animals and…” There was a sudden aggressive interruption from part of Zeus. His voice sounded concerned, anxious and imperative, “Everyone here may visit Earth except you! We should give humans and animals a last opportunity. This is why I propose that Apolo visits planet Earth and tries to preach and remember humanity about order and beauty. I will also like to invite Artemis to visit this extinguishing planet, so he dialogues with animals and nature and at the same time, ties to satisfy their needs”. Both Gods accepted this invitation and traveled down to earth for some days.
A week had passed by, Apolo and Artemis returned to Olympus and reported their activities down on Earth. Apolo presented what he had seen, “I tied father – he said, - I walked and talked with every human about the importance of order, simplicity and beauty but they wouldn’t understand. – he sobbed – Humans, well we definitely lost them.” Zeus couldn’t believe it. “Well, we lost humans – he said,- but animals can still be saved, right Artemis?”
After Apolo’s report and the dying hope words of Zeus Artemis stood up and stated, “Well Zeus, although I would like to tell you that my goal was completely accomplished I must admit that, down there, well everything seems to be lost. I am sorry to inform that animals down there who used to claim for rights, are now asking for money, that’s all what their interested on. Animals forgot about music, freedom and their essence. Humans had infected animals with the worst sickness. Sadly, I must admit that animals won’t be what they used to be, we lost them.”
Zeus was really scared and angry because life would be extinguished on Earth. Also, he was angry because Hades had gotten what he wanted, he would visit Earth. Hades stood up and ironically said, “Well, it seems that nobody but me can do this right, I’ll visit Earth tomorrow”, he walked out the room and every other God was really concerned about the future of humanity.
When Hades went back to Olympus he said, “I’ve done my work, there’s no problem anymore… I’ve strangulated life. “

Eric Abrego in colaboration with Rodrigo Nuñez