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Soothing the Savage Grimbledorfs

Dreams and Schemes

I lay asleep soundlessly

beneath the covers on my bed,

Only to be awoken by the sound

of Grimbledorfs above my head.

Now Grimbledorfs are ugly creatures

with ears the size of a fist

and their eyes are blood red

as if they were blood-kissed.

Their teeth were sharp like razor's

and yellow as the sun.

There flesh green and cover in scabs,

plus they'd all talk as one.

Grimbledorfs were savage creatures

who would feast on human skin

and the secret way to be spared,

was to tell them tales of the Moonlight Gin.

Now this gin wasn't really real,

or an alcohol of any kind.

It was just something they had invented

within their convoluted minds.

See Moonlight Gin had the power

to turn Grimbledorfs into men

and so they searched for it endlessly

but believed it was hidden from them.

On this night I told them a tale

of a land very far the way.

Where there was enough of the gin,

to cure them all they say.

The place lay beneath the sea,

looked deep within a metal chest.

I absentmindly pet one of these creatures,

a small one laid upon my breast.

I told them If they hurried

they could make it by first light.

Because Grimbledorfs would explode

If they weren't hidden before the end of night.

And so they clambered over one another,

diving off of my bed.

Saying that if it wasn't there,

I'd better have another tale or I'd be dead.

They closed the door quietly behind them

and I ground in sorrow.

For this underground island did not exist

so they'd be back tomorrow.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I was younger I'd imagine these little creatures were sitting at the foot of my bed.

And they were always getting ready to nibble off my toes if I ran out of tales.

This is what they sort of looked like:

Little Chickadee

Children poems?

Little chickadee
I've got a few questions,
just for you!

Little Chickadee,
how high can
you fly?

How high can I fly?
This little chickadee
can fly very high.
Very high in
the great big sky!

Little chickadee,
how do
you sing?

How do I sing?
This little chickadee
and all my friends
sing like "fee-bee-fee-bay"
and also, "chickadee-dee-dee"!

Little chickadee,
hopping on the ground,
what are you looking for?

What am I looking for?
This little chickadee
is searching for food,
for little crumbs
hidden on the ground!

Little chickadee,
it was nice to talk to you,
I hope I see you again
sometime soon!

This little chickadee
has to fly away,
but maybe,
if you sit quietly outside,
me and my friends
will come to visit!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little poem that sort of came into my head while I was walking to school this morning. Idk if it's any good, so I'd love if you'd comment and let me know what you think. I sort of want it to go into my children's poems book, but idk if it's good enough...

My Universe

~* Love Poems *~

My Universe

you make me stand still,
like you gave me a curse
can't write a song,
i can't even finish one verse
i will not be ashamed,
if you'll let me hold your purse
if i catch you with a frown,
i'll put it on reverse
if you get sick
i will be your nurse
i'll never get tired,
even for one whole day we'll just converse
you're love is priceless,
that no money can imburse
if your tears would fall,
i will be the one to absterse
if there are people that would hurt you,
i'll be your keeper and be the one to disperse
if you are drowning,
i will not hesitate to submerse
my love for you is real,
dont be afraid to immerse
you're not my world,
coz you are My Universe

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