An object warm and white,

Cup-like with a handle at its side.

Halfway filled with a liquid,

A liquid with a name,

Its name being coffee.


Eager am I to hold this cup,

Equally eager am I to drink

From its rim which my lips shall touch.

Slowly yet quickly I do tilt the cup

And the liquid pours into my mouth.


The liquid's bitter taste,

Yet sweet and warm it is.

Satisfying is the taste,

So gleefully I do drink more

And indulge myself in this sweet galore. 


Freely does the liquid

Move around in my mouth

As it plays with my tongue

Tickling its taste-buds.

Around and between my teeth it goes

'til I move it back with my tongue

To the back of my mouth

Where the coffee meets its doom.

Down my throat it goes,

The aftertaste the same as before.

My thirst craves evermore,

Thus I drink some more.


The Salve

2010-2012 Poems

Long dead of night and day...
Half-awake, half-dreaming.
Thunderstorm outside,
The raging raindrops sing.

Purple candle light.
Drowsy, tired eyes...
A warm-blooded earthling
Soaked in the tub.

Intense thoughts of chicken tandoori
And cheese naan from 'Kapitan'...
All these and a placid, deep snooze,
To salvage myself, I choose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c) jerlin 02Nov11 - The day I craved for 'chicken tandoori and cheese naan' until much that at around 8pm, I called a taxi and searched for a restaurant called 'Kapitan', ordered and took it home with me blissfully! :)

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