Love Illusion

The illusions created by the hands of love,

Frequently seeming to fit like a glove,

A gentle reminder for us to take heed,

Love is not an emotion, or a romantic need.


Love's more like a guide that puts us in our place,

It's alluring illusions wrap it's difficulties in grace,

It whispers for us not to ever be scared,

But to seek from it, balance, 

And then to be shared.


It can be confusing, but will never desert,

And not always about one removing their shirt,

When we start closing doors on it's virtues requested,

Our heart becomes cold, and unable to grasp it.


If you cannot accept this and try to control,

You'll get just what you for ask, dreams that cannot unfold,

If you shut out it's reality, refusing to see,

You'll get only illusions, nothing in reality.


The more that you shut yourself off from life's pain,

Your return will be illusive, with nothing to gain,

But if you embrace it, and accept in whole,

It will fill up your heart, and shelter your soul.


When love sends good feelings, it's meaning to say,

"This is my best for you, if you'd like me to stay,

    there is more to this feeling of heavenly bliss,

    that can only get better, but it's not just with a kiss,

    If your wish is for kissing and hugging and sex,

    You will have to accept that your wish is my hex."


Love will be shallow or deep as you ask,

Love can be hateful, or abundant...it too can wear a mask,

If you make love a game, it will show you the door,

It's not only for pleasure, it's so, so much more.



5:50 PM 6/21/2013



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But You Promised


I saw this one coming

Knew where it was going

Yet all I did was nothing

All laughs we had were fading


I had the chance to stop you

I prayed you'd discontinue

I thought you knew better

You changed like the weather


Saw all the colors flying

They were clear, dark, and burning

So hard but I ignored all of these

Whispered to myself , "But you promised"


The dark rain came suddenly

My worries  came true to me

You looked at me with same eyes

But what I felt was cold ice


Looking at you hurts me

'Cause I know you're falling

I believed in what you told me

Now myself sigh, "But you promised"

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Hidden in words

I already fell hoping you'll catch me, I'd drown if your breath didnt keep me alive, I would have jumped for him if you didnt stop me, I wouldnt smile a much as I do if it wern't for you, I wouldnt be so nervous if it wern't for you, my dreams would be dull without you in them , these late nights would be worth none of my time if they didn't include you, I'd be with you if you wern't so far away, Id tell you I love you if it wern't so hard to say.

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