*My Mr Boots*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

A Black fragile kitten
So tiny and barely filled with life
At five and a half weeks old 
You were smaller then my daughters mitten
He's not going to live i was told
But I wouldn't take that for an answer
I fought for you to live
And for a brief while
My love was all I could give

I fed you your baby bottle
And with each day
Your soul came back to your body
Personality began to show 
People were shocked and didn't know what to say
They couldn't believe
Oh how much you began to grow
It wasn't your time to leave


The pink came back to your toes
You held on to your life so tight
Even the wetness came back to your nose
Your fur began to shine 
You kept a strong fight 
My Mr Boots finally you were all mine 


We would sit and play on the floor
You chasing after the red laser dot 
We would go for hours 
You going in circles in the same spot 
You always wanting more 
You were non stop


Then one day to my heart 
I got a painful blow
My life was torn apart
At about five months old you just died
I couldn't understand
The morning under my daughters bed
I leaned over and touched your body again
Only this time you were so cold and so lifeless

The angels came for you after all
But exactly when
I don't know why
I'll never forget I was a terrible mess

How did your spirit fall

I don't want to cry 

I saved you from death
I didn't hear Gods call
I wasn't there when you took your last breath
I was so angry and upset
My fist hit the wall

All of sudden my tears came out of my eyes
And to my knees I began to fall


Its not fair you cant be gone
You're My Mr Boots
The kitten with a second chance to create our bond
To live your life 
You can't be the one the angels wanted
But yet they took you away 
Now your spirit is haunting 
I believe I see you everyday


Why did you have to go
I'm dumb founded I don't know what to say
I'll always remember thou
I will love you either way
You are a very special gift
And this everyone will know 



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