affair romance love past relationship

the line

here we stand again,
confused and feeling old.
Our young minds weary, our bodies cold.
Cold hearts that once, felt so warm,
now just old, forgotten stories.
Where does love begin? And can it ever end?
Is there a line, bordering on our minds?
Give me a time, a love, a sign,
and I'll be here till fates smiles,
a cruel demise or a sweet suprise,
but here we'll stop, I have to draw the line.
Don't cry those tears, we've already lost,
we knew from the start, but pushed on through,
Maybe one day we'll cross our line, but not this time...

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In my head and soul

I wish I could shed a tear,
Instead all I feel is fear,
For all i want to be,
The places i need to see,
Why am I this way,
I can't get out this bay,
That is my head and soul,
I'll just take a stroll,
In someone elses shoes,
Maybe even listen to the blues,
Cos I need to feel free,
Without any plea,
To make life happen,
It's all so misshapen,
At this point in time,
I'll take the climb,
Right to the top,
I wont stop,
Untill I'm there,
This I declare,
I shall love, laugh, smile,
Through every single mile,
From here untill the end,
That is what I intend,
Just stay here near by,
And don't ever lie,
About what this is,
I'm not his,
But only yours,
Open the door's,
And just let me in,
Who cares where we've been,
Thats all behind now,
Somehow you make me vow,
That I'll always be there,
My heart you'll repair,
This I know,
That love will grow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one took about 20 minutes. Feedback would be great !!

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The Keeper

I am the keeper of your secrets;
lies of omission...
A duty put upon me,
without my permission...

I am the keeper of your secrets,
the sentinel of your soul.
A guardian of the darkness,
a filler of the holes...

I am the keeper of your secrets,
protector of the illusion.
I will honor you, and all you do
a comfortable collusion...

I am the keeper of your secrets,
in spite of my pain.
I protect our creation
as though it still remains...

I am the keeper of your regrets,
even after you've evolved without me.
I remain the one constant,
and you have no reason to doubt me...

I am the keeper of your secrets
to reveal means to let go...
to redefine my heart and mind,
and let the story be told...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You know who you are...

June Love Bug

Love is Pain

I paced, nervous tension building love skyscrapers for me to jump off of... jump, jump, jump said the voice in my left ear. I walked in circles in fear of your return, your love had burned a trail through mi corazon and shook me to my bone unlike any other your love never smothered our flame and ashamed by the light left I allowed the green demon to engulf my soul releasing you from me and releasing me from your hold. A destiny foretold by your premonition, my rendition of our affair has a different ending all together. In my soul we walk off into never-never land hand in hand. What God has brought together let NO man put asunder. I pace more now wondering if you will actually return like you said you would... (Luther Vandross... Don't you remember you told me you loved me babaaaaa). I could taste your love just listening to the words. Like a fairy tale when you speak it's like birds begin to sing as their wings fan the flames of our love. Like Icarus the wax on my wings melts and I fell head-first in love with you drowning in emotion, my demise denied in my soul. My heart's eyes cried extreme ecstacy sensory overload no longer walking alone down the road towards true love... who knows which Noah first released, the crow or the dove... the result the same, inner peace. Satisfaction at the very least would be reward enough if I could just see you one more time for the rest of my life. When we were last together I promised that in time you would be my wife... wish I may wish I might...

Classically refined you literally strutted into the spotlight head held high ready to redefine the word "chica." "Rica" was more appropriate, mystical look yet scientific abstract and intelligent you spent the opening moments of introduction inspecting my production. Critically acclaimed I was shamed and stripped defenseless by your preparation but I closed the space between us, the separation; turning the tables until we were sitting side-by-side in examination of each other in order to futher understand the intricacies of the lover psyche... I see you looking through me "Mira!" not knowing if what you percieve is what I believe or if what you believe is what I see. Both of us asking ourselves the question "Can this truly be?" I admit that you struck me positively with your appearance my expectations often un-met lead to negative perceptions pre-set but you were the truth as advertised which did leave me somewhat taken aback and dare I say... surprised. Now that I've wised up and I have been sized up by your meticulous eyes what lies in store for this thing we call "US?"

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The Mystic Dancer

I see a 'Mystic Dancer'

That lures me all dreamy-eyed,

With the movement and sway

She carries with her that ambrosial wine

which one cannot resist.

While she gyrates

Her hazel-eyed crystal shimmers

With that innocuous charm,

And that infectious smile.

I speculated while I pleaded with her

To refill my cup

She laughed like that of

a wind chime and it filled

the hollow space of my mind and soul

The wine was intoxicating and immersed

with love

Animatedly, I asked the dream maker

if I knew her

He responded 'in the land of Norse,

where the one who wears the glowing,

flaming necklace lives

and who possesses a cloak Of falcon feathers

she is the one whose glamor enamors

the folks she`s loved and revered

She is Freya'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the loving memory of a beautiful girl named Frea.

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I've almost forgotten your face.

Bushy eyebrows
Soulful eyes
Prominent nose
Inviting lips
Whiskered chin
And most especially, your
Wicked smile.


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3:25 A.M.

Twenty-five minutes
Past the Witching Hour
Listening to Mozart
That must be it

This magical time
This magical music
This must be the reason
I remember you

You were my summer
And the rainy days
Washed me, cleansed me
All of you, or nearly

But it's hot tonight
The rain teased but did not come
The stillness in the air feels
Like summer. Like you.

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