Angelwolf stole my poetry

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This is a warning post. My name is Jordan Krantus and I am the original author of this poem



[1:06:31 AM] Jordan Krantus:  By Jordan Michale Krantus

Light breaks through the darkest part
Beauty to soften the hardest heart
Like second nature, I'd shy away
Beauty, like gravity, pulled me to stay
Drifting at sea in storms of the past
Beauty, the anchor, now holds me fast
Where have I been What have I done
To deserve such beauty
Like the light of the sun
If lovers are dreamers, I walk in my sleep
A heart of gold seemed impossible to keep
For gold melts quickly exposed to the fire
But beauty protects by want and desire
If the question unanswered, "what's in a name"
Then beauty and yours are one in the same
Where can I go What can I do
To hold onto the beauty... I find in you


I posted this poem on when I was sophmore in highschool back in 2002-2003. Randomly, I decided, years later, to put the first lyric into a search engine and I found a post by "Angelwolf" claiming this was her work! Now this is years later, I'm not trying to be a poet for a living so there's no harm done, but really? How pathetic are you to steal the work of someone else. My only concern is that she may have stolen many of pieces over the years so I started putting in her poems first lines into and sure enough there are other authors too and I'm willing to be those other authors are the originals. So please I dont' know who I need to talk to get that crazy woman off this website but that is just rediculous. Also, my name was restricted from being able to be used as my name for this account, what gives? Yeah so I believe thiefs should be well known, so there you go. Anyone have any questions let me know. I still have this computer file saved on my computer and it's dated 2004, also you can see it on achrives section, time stamped before... angel even made her account. And if anyone really wants to see it, I'm not sure how it would prove anything I have the handwritten original copy that I wrote in my room years and years ago.

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I am stunned, shocked actually, to learn of this accusation (and apparently supporting evidence) against AngelWolf.  She was one of my earliest friends on postpoems, although I later lost contact (for which I blamed myself).  I looked for some of her poems here, and could not find them, which also shocked me.  And then I found this.


Your experience is one of the tough lessons we poets sometimes have to go through.  Thirteen years ago, I had a poem---containing an original hypothesis about the Whitechapel serial killer---plagiarized by a fellow poet, a friend.  She used the poem without citing it as mine.  Her defense, charming in its way, was that she thought the hypothesis was proved, and therefore common knowledge.  I insisted that she cite properly, which she did, but her work later, also, disappeared.


Sorry you have had to go through this.  Postpoems is a great community, and Jason is more than a webmaster . . . he is, in every sense of the word but the paper presses, a publisher.  I consider him my foremost publisher, and I would never leave here for any reason.  I hope you love, or will come to love, postpoems as much as I do.


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Hi,   If you have proof that



If you have proof that someone posted something here that is not theirs and belongs to you, please email and provide links to the offending posts and any proof backing up your ownership of the post and I will take care of removing it. We do not allow plagarism and the offending account(s) will be promptly removed and banned.



Jason Minton
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I so understand what you are

I so understand what you are saying here.  I had posted close to 100 poems I wrote about my childhood days and family members only to find them on another person's site claiming them as their own.  I wrote letters and made phone calls galore and even with the proof that my work was stolen was told unless covered by a copyright no work is safe.   The result was I had to remove "MY" writings because they were not considered mine.  I love reading and sharing but dang....I hate a thief! 

Susan Bressman