Slipping into the Shadows - a dark poetry collection by CM

The darker half

Sweet sudden darkness
Surrounds me
She is here yet again,
My dark angel
My savior
Her wings wrap around me
I am trapped
On the edge of the Abyss
No choice
But to turn into
Her loving/kill embrace
The darkness surrounds me
Yet again

Truth in the bottle

You’re my drug of choice
My number one disease
You make me beg, suffer
Smile and laugh
You’ve got me on my knees
Take another sip
Have another round
Get moving to the music
We all know how it’s gonna
Go down


Just another reason to let go

You were always there
Didn’t I do good enough this time?
Or have I failed you again
I can’t live with the burden
You’ve placed on my shoulders
The memories are like scares
That will never heal
I think we’ve done
Enough damage
To each other



I knew it for a while now
The feelings of solitude
Have had a chance to sink in
You’re drifting
And it’s too late to rekindle
We’ve fallen in & out too many times
One last breath before taking the plunge
Going down this rollercoaster ride
One last time
You ask me for a feeling
To put it into words
Would relief work for you?
I’m as tired of this ride as you as you
I’m not surprised
The illusion was bound to face
You want friendship
I don’t want the title
So let me fade away


My latest addiction

Sweet succulent bliss
I’ve found you again
Breathing you in
And exhaling your gloriousness
My sweet release
You are my secret addiction
Drink in hand
You accompany me
Light up another
When it goes down
All becomes clear
It’s all bearable
With you around

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of the collections of poems I have written, I grouped them based on theme as most of my poems are fairly short. These were written over the course of several years. Some are about lust, love and the destructiveness of a relationship. I appreciate comments. thanks.

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