*You Make Everything Better*

To my soul mate: Derrick.  He inspired me to write this of course i got writers block 
so i will be coming back to finish it..... 

You Make Everything Better
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

I am able to stand on my own to feet, 
But honey when i stand by your side, 
Our hearts are forever together and complete, 
You re goofiness never will hurt my pride, 
Because i love you deep down i know you know its true, 
You re true self is what i fell in love with from the start, 
I fell in love with someone with so much passion no one 
should that be denied, 
But of course God already knew, 
Such feeling such a force only you are the one who figures 
out how to heal my heart, 
Together from each other we have nothing to hide, 
Because sweetheart you make everything better, 


I may want to do my own thing, 
Or go on my own for the day, 
But there is no words that i can describe on what 
to my soul everyday you bring, 
There's sometimes i don't even know what to say, 
But once you look into my eyes with so much love, 
I know deep in my heart everything will be okay, 
Being with you i know i don't need to make it my goal, 


Whenever I'm not felling my self or I'm feeling down, 
You know how to make everything better, 
With just a hug, an I LOVE YOU, or just a passionate kiss, 
You even know how turn my frown, 
With just a few loving words in a brief letter, 
Baby when your away you are the one i forever miss, 


You Make Everything Better, 
In those few words my soul mate, 
They explain it all but not by a long shot, 
But they still cant explain how strong for you i truly feel, 

It would be just too hard to you to send any hate, 
Because we have such a forceful love, 
So passionate and steaming hot, 
NO ONE can steal or take from us, 
They cant tare our bond apart with any type of baby fuss they try to pull, 
Everyday that passes is just a plus, 
My mind ever thinking of leaving is just bull, 
Because baby you make everything better, 
If no one can understand or see that they are just a plain fool.....



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