Out of Range

Contemplating my next move, what should I do?
Take the first step to recovery, put myself in therapy, because it's easy to see how I've gone crazy?

maybe just try and convince myself my mom loves me?

Nah, I doubt that very much,
Now I'm not saying my entire life's been tough,
But it's I missed the touch, from your god above,
missing love.

Well I've had enough,
But it's like my soul is caged,
and now I've built up all this rage...
...anger... pain...
And it will all pour from me, like from the sky falls the rain.

...This is me.
Sure I could find a better person to be,
But it's not easy to change.
I've done it once before, but now I've gone too far,
My mind doesn't have that kind of range.

I know what your thinking, "bizarre."
But you get what you see,
And what you see is me.
Or at least the words that I write.
But I only write this because despite your best effort to change,
Don't take it to far, stay in range!

Because one day you may miss part of what you used to be.
I know I was a monster, but I don't miss the monster that was me,
I miss the faith I had in myself.
Without that, I feel there's nothing left that can save me.

-The Craziness

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Have faith in yourself!

Have faith in yourself! *smiles and faerie dust

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