What to say everyday to the ones you love, co-workers and just people you greet on the street. Sometimes people start their days and it just comes natural, and more often then you think others have no clue how to even say "Good morning". Can you imagine being a child at a breakfast table and no one around you even speaks to each other? Mom and dad are at each others throats and brother and sister are arguing? Communicating is not some new age art form, this is historical. We see the President, current and many in our past doing it although most of the time we want them to stop because they make no sense or are only speaking of nonsense, they are communicating to us. Teachers do it when teaching lessons, news reporters who bring you the five o'clock news are communicating mostly bad news to the world but heck it's communication.

If we all see it daily all around us from billboards and highway signs why is it one of the most complicated things for us all to do in our everyday lives.

 Just for one moment think of this senerio " You wake up in the morning you get out of bed, shower and head to work, you pass a co-worker at the door and you say "Nothing". That coworker just said to him/her self "wow what a snob"! You had no bad intentions or even a thought about that person you passed you were just consumed with thoughts of the busy day you had ahead of you. You communicated to the person you passed using your body language and your ignorance to their exsistance.


Now imagine what you communicate with just a simple "Hello" and throw in a smile you really communicate something to the person you just walked by. Communication isn't just words, it's body language, tone of our voices, expressions on our faces.


Think of what you want to communicate to someone as you pass them by tomorrow. What do you want to show people of yourself?


Trisha LoGrasso



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Trisha LoGrasso

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