I used to be happy.

I used to be happy
Now I don't know what that is
I was a child when everthing went to shit
Two deaths in the family 
And then a friend died 
My mother's boyfriend turned abusive 
I now have scars to hide
Self-harm I started to help with the pain
Until my hand slipped and I had to go to the ER
I was forced to see a therapist 
And things started to get better
Until the day my mothers friend 
Someone like a brother
Decide to see if he liked children 
Everything came crashing back down 
I had a major break down 
My self-harm started back up 
My therapist I quit 
School I stopped going 
I just laid in bed 
Trying not to think 
Two years have passed since then 
My self-harm I stopped 
I go out now 
I even have friends
But i'm not happy
To many scars
Both physical and mental 
Will stop me from ever being happy.

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