Women-We're People too????




We're people,

just like men.


We're not things,


sex toys,

or trash.


We're not something

you can say you want

one minute and then,

the next minute,

say you're over us.





We have feelings,








The Government seems

to think that we are stupid.

That we can't think for ourselves.


Well the jokes' on them!

We can decide whether or not

we want birth control.

Whether we want to get pregnant or not.





We're more than

just a "piece of ass".


We're more than

just some fuck and dump!


We are people,


with feelings!



Although, personally,

abortion is not something

I'm for,


that doesn't mean

I'm gonna tell everyone

that they can't.



It is up to us,

us women,

to decide what we

want, and

how to deal with something

if we don't want it.




We are strong,

we are smart,

we are not things for

others to use.



We are WOMEN!


We are STRONG!


So TREAT us like Equals!

Because that's what we deserve!






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not quite done, i don't think... I am not sure about the title, and I'm open to suggestions!


Poetic_Eyes wanted a poem about issues that us women face in life, like being seen as sex objects, things, property, and being seen as a pieve of ass. That government wants us to all have birth control.


So, this is dedicated to all those problems that Women have to face!

Let me know what you think, or if you think of something that you think would fit in!


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a.griffiths57's picture

    Good poem, you are right



Good poem, you are right to stand up for a better equality for women, and not on man's terms but on womens. It is good to hear your views you have my vote on the subject.




thisisme789's picture

:) thanks a.griffiths57!!!

:) thanks a.griffiths57!!!


Poetic_Eyes's picture

Love it.

Love it. As women we  need to stick together and talk about the issues we face, not avoid them or hide them. We're worth more than we're given credit for and this piece helps reminds those who have forgotten. We're not here just to be a piece of ass or a sex object. We're women with thoughts, feelings, desires, goals, and a million things. If we wanted to be property we'd be a house not human beings. I'm glad you took a stand and helped address the issues. Well written and crafted.

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Well, it's thanks to YOU that

Well, it's thanks to YOU that I took a stand. What you wrote the other day about what we're seen as as women, really got me to start thinking, and that is how this poem came about!


 What you wrote about it was great also. Anyone who's reading this comment, if you liked my poem, go to http://www.postpoems.org/authors/poetic_eyes/poem/978226

and read it, you'll LOVE that one!


Poetic_Eyes's picture


sometimes, i watch political shows with my family. it gets me thinking and makes me want to speak up. poetry comes more naturally to me and so i write a sonnet. it addresses the issues in a creative, assertive way. your poem is just as effective. i want to post the link of your poem on my facebook page and on the poem itself. 

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Oh, wow! Sure, go right on

Oh, wow! Sure, go right on ahead! Thanks :)