A New York Muse

What is it like?


Waking up in the arms of a man you don't know? 


His arms draped lazily over your waist as he slumbers

if you close your eyes and let your mind go blank you can nearly imagine him as a long time lover and there is sentiment in his embrace-  

yet instead you lie awake and wonder who he really is and how you got there


No familiarity in the gaze that meets you when he wakes



He'll bring you around the city, pay for your drinks and encourage photographs 


A ghost behind the camera

Capturing moments of you alone 


Yet you walk in stride with a stranger and fein closeness that could only exist between two intimate beings 

Not a man and a girl with only weeks to solve the anomalies in their stars 


He won't hold your hand but will make the kind of love to you in the evening that leaves you panting and wishing he were more than a shadow 


Loveless lust in the solitude of a one room apartment that he pays far too much for 


He'll bring you to the edge of ecstasy and nearly push you tumbling over, then pull you close and drift off to a noisy sleep, leaving you wondering if you should feel shame or gratitude 


You don't know how to speak to him

But how could you? 


Your tongue pressed heavily against sharp teeth and words catching between two pressed lips


You muse to yourself and think he may find you dull

Perhaps you weren't as lovely as he wanted


Whatever it is 

It makes you loathe stealing too many glances 

You want his face to remain slightly blurred in your memory


Not a man you could love

Not a man whose green eyes will burn behind a screen of black when you try to sleep


Nothing more than a tour guide for a Midwest girl in the big city.



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you say it so well

WOW!!! You say it so well, this must be a real event... this person must have imprinted on you... I bet he has no clue how much he affected and inspired you... am I right? You and I must chat sometime, I think your muse has opened you up to be a great muse yourself... again.. I am impressed, well done M'Lady.

May your day be as beautiful as you are, and your nights as sensual as your words.




As the eyes are the windows of our soul,

My poetry is the windows of my heart!!!

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this conjured up ideas in my head of a poem titled

ode to a long term one night stand perhaps. very well written. Do share more don't just leave us with crumbs. hint hint! Sincerely, M.

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Sadly, I wish it could have

Sadly, I wish it could have been considered long term...I had three days in his arms, and a miscommunication coupled with a flight back home severed whatever we shared quite hastily.

I wrote this on the plane ride back. I never heard from him again.

Although he only had those few nights, he captured enough of me to pull painfully on my heartstrings every now and again; rose colored memories of faux intimacy invade my mind somewhere between midnight and 3 AM.

He's inspired some good writing and self discovery, but I still can't help but want to hate him.

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I don't know where to start. So many good lines that hit me at home plate...it is nice how there is  story to this poem, and more so how it isn't one you completely see coming. Thanks for the share and welcome to PP



Much Love


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Thank you so much! I'm so happy to have found a place to share my musings with a small part of the wold... :)

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we are glad to have you!

Much Love


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I Start With "Bravo"

postpoems is blessed to have such a skilled versifier with us. Welcome and encore ~ Lady A



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Thank you, darlin'! Excited to be part of the PP family :)

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I know right...it is super exciting!

Much Love