The Half Story of Us


Humans who tripped over each other on different days, deliberately with

A little chaos, are just tangled enough now, calling

Names as you walk in the door

Knowing, more now that you have put it in words, this is the one thing we’re all sure about. This is solid ground.


Another day brings another mountain but

Living and not living here, she is still ours, and more

Love comes from harder hours.

You see how pieces collide and make this better whole because I don’t want a story that hasn’t seen some shit.


Not enough just to talk, she travels

In between states before I can blink. Teaches us that ties are

Not just based on the memories, but based on the now.

All your enemies are our enemies.


Caught in our own

Hurricanes, it somehow gets easier to keep one foot on the ground when we come together. We are

Ready to go anywhere if you ask- he is driving and the stars are

Infinity, infinity and together a bigger slice of the world is ours. There is no

Shame in wanting to live more because they are living. That’s what I keep telling myself as


My heart is racing and I can barely hear

All the noise and quiet we make, the sounds that make me want to say

Yes, decide to trust whatever this is.

Almost like it is not a decision but a step that will lead to more.


Her eyes blazing, she launches into

Another monologue on something that matters- us, the patriarchy, the world.

Not needing to add, I listen. Sometimes I wish I could speak like that,

Nothing but fire and care, just a mind and a voice, leave the consequences behind. But for me this is the best way to say it, even if I can’t quite capture

All the things we say and don’t say. The night ends with us

Hanging on words we hope to remember tomorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/22/20

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Hannah9712's picture

I love the acrostic and how

I love the acrostic and how accurately this poems captures us all