heartbreak song


we don’t believe we aren’t enough

until someone who tells us we are

twists their tongue into a lie.


my thoughts are too expensive.

I will toss them down the drain.

I can’t wait till they stick me to your palms again.


I want you to notice

my every exhale

until moonrise


until your touch is no longer a surprise

but something I can spell like a tattered recipe

something I lean into.


I want to spill you over sound

until it all turns to gray.


maybe when I leave the future will be a memory,

I will drown it in chemicals

and the ghosts will become my eyes.


I won’t sleep tonight.


this is a heartbreak song,

and my god I hope it’s not for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/26/20

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Starward's picture

This poem goes right to the

This poem goes right to the heart---the heart of the emotion, and the heart of the reader for whom you have written about the emotion.  Wow!


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