All the tidal waves push past me.

I float off the ground

my steps are so heavy when there’s no one around

I have to keep making sure I am solid


I can’t stay rounded

when I’m forced into corners and suffocating

I smile at blank faces in the hallways

on days that I feel like a sixth grader

with nowhere to sit

and now here I am with my crooked teeth

expecting you all to believe me.


I hang the sun from my shoelaces

I say I say I say I still think the world is beautiful

I say I say I keep saying I’m fine

Repeat with me this punch line

we’ve all understood

when the hands creep in

and all the silence

comes knocking at our doors.


Before my blood is old and forgotten

I want to spill it glittering

onto your words and make me lighter,

feather enough to take flight.


And then our lips touch,

there are so many more places to sit,

so many audiences to follow my pen.


When my heart is bound to beat out of this living

I look out at the crowd

and they all have your smell,

your eyes,

your handwriting,

you touch me with hands that don’t sink through

and I am solid,

I am something,

I am yours,

we are home.


Now I am with you

and I won’t float off the ground anymore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/10/18

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