I have hung everything I have

on this city.


I push pins in a pattern

write my own heart

on the map.


The minutes I can’t remember

for choking on nothing and laughter.


The nights the wind is so vicious

I breathe in brave and our bodies lift a little.


The change and the waterfalls

and the hearts

I resent for being

so worthy.


The cards I toss on the table

like silent truths that sit on my shelves,

I don’t have any other way to give them.


The kisses that can sing on their own,

I want you to hear you speak without words.


The quiet nights holding this pen,

hoping I can tell someone about everything and you.


You know

you are my favorite city

and the first place


I remember really waking up in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/24/17

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Good 2 C

U still penning - me too. Happy New Year - slc