I’ll buy this place

even when I know it’s already catching fire,

see it burn so I can say

for once

I haven’t wasted my time.


I’ll buy this place full of future ash,

breathe it in just to say

for once

I’ve made something a beautiful part of me.


I can’t seem to command this heart

so once again I find myself

putting you back in poetry.


Trust me,

you are not

stronger than me

you are just stronger

than who I thought I was.


I am on the giant’s ladder

inside this house

and I didn’t know how much of a reach it was

until I found you and grew three sizes too perfect.


Remember that place?

It made a gorgeous sky-high fire,

we made a gorgeous sky-high fire,

they could see it

for miles around.


They whispered it

as the flames went down.


They spoke it like a drug

into every pool and valley,

every footstep when

they ran into each other.


They wove it into the colorful lips

of the world’s best storytellers.


They called it

something they had never seen before.


Maybe if we weren’t

so damn quick

to call ourselves each other’s burdens.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/12/17

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Wow, this is really good!  I

Wow, this is really good! 

I have a new poem posted here called The Ruins Of You. I hope you read it and comment down what you think of it. You may read it here: http://www.postpoems.org/authors/ginsywilde/poem/1051879