Negative Space


Can you forgive

all these sad songs,

all the words tagged with your name?

Don’t waste your flowers on me

Can you forgive

all my worn-out secrets,

the things I threw like a hurricane?

Don’t waste your minutes like me


I worship a world

with no other fortunes,

stuck in the dark holding the same flint

I can’t let go of the perfect I see

I lie with you

or for you again,

all the not-enough nights that I’ve spent

Tangling your fate again with me


Please walk on water

like in all my dreams,

white lies that blind me till disaster

Soak up all the space I can’t see

Where do I touch

when I feel your lonely,

movements you forget hours after

Take up all the air I can’t breathe


Too high to come

down where you need me,

can you forgive when I’m in the wrong place?

Don’t waste your flowers on me

Too close to press

my shivers to yours,

can you forgive my negative space?

Don’t waste your minutes like me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/22/17

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I didn't waste my

I didn't waste my time 

reading this nice poem




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