Lungs (day 185)

when you beckon me down to the depths

you should know how far we’ll dive,

these love-soaked lungs

fill in the painting with perfect midnight blue.


when you coax me to the clouds

you should know how free I’ll fly,

I can gather everything that matters

and let it loose from my chest in one time-stopping shriek.


when you bring me back to earth

let me dream of the sea,

of the sky

you can’t give me two more universes

and then take them back.


when I am stuck on the ground

I will live like I am anywhere.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/28/17


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The Ending

I miss that wonderful summation that is electric and a surprise for the reader. Something at least as fantastic as the wondrous imagery that precedes it.  -Lady A-