Other People's Pictures


The boy in my photograph

smiles up at me,

living in another world

and we barely brush galaxies as we

walk past each other in the universe’s hallway.


Do you ever wonder

how many of other people’s pictures you’re in?

My soul’s split up into a million pieces,

fighting for worth in a world made of snapshot memories.


Pictures of street corners and gardens and little boxes

that held me up in those moments

My ghost pauses,

holding slivers of other realities and

dragging them into every day I wake up.


How much more vivid would I be

if I wasn’t in other people’s pictures?

Little bits of blue scattered across the world,

silver accents where I lit a candle in the dark

and crimson blood droplets where my armor broke upon the ground.


But maybe that boy in my picture is

filling me up with a part of his half smile,

giving me just a fraction of the safety of his arms,

lending me the brighter side

that I had when I was with him.


Maybe those snapshot memories keep me alive,

and my pieces of blue stride along the globe like little elves

spilling love into cracks where it wasn’t before,

drifting words like dandelions into the sky-

and all because I’m in

other people’s pictures.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/9/16

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I loved this piece! Nice work, Tallsquirrelgirl. 

Copyright © morningglory

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Extraordinary Write

I liked the journey. I feel like a dandelion going skyward. I have taken to putting the names on the back of pictures. I seldom did that. Places and dates, if I remember. Nice - A -