Rewrite My Mind


Most days it’s not worth it

My fingers twist dirt to vandalize golden crowns

Most days I’m a mansion

But the sunrooms are hidden behind the black

Most days I can’t be comforted,

even when running in circles is effortless


Most days I’m expecting

to be alone and alone and then we’re together

Crashing through the tunnel,

letting in the light

Shooting energy into my lungs,

showing me the flip side of fate


I’m almost walking this fragile line

and then you come out looking like


like poetry,

riding a wave of rhythm and rhyme

and it’s all I can do not to collapse


But it’s the good kind

this time,

I’d rather be falling to you than

walking to nowhere

and the bruises tell a story anyway


Running on empty when you’re

right here beside me,

in a parallel world you could fill me up with pure power and wind and the stars in your eyes


I need to rewrite my mind to relearn that you’re mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/17/16

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RoC's picture

Hard sometimes

To get over what we've become accustomed to. Muscle memory in the brain, perhaps. Like you, I'd like to rewrite my mind, on occasion.

I think this is my favorite of yours, so far

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

Sassylass's picture


well written,enjoyable poem,as usual!



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....