Trying To Face You


I open a jar of music, relax my lungs and catch my breath

Flickering away time as my hand melts to the hurricane

Because in my twisted brain

every piece of music is written about her.


Staring at her back, I’m dust in her steed’s eye. For once,

Can’t I just want something? I’m

Trying to run a race of truth but

the curves keep catching me in lies.

Well, maybe that’s because

my thoughts are hidden eloquences I can’t ever tell.


Finding a way to scream

I tumble, nervous at her feet. I

wish I had a tin can phone so

we could be five million miles apart

as I stutter and wince my way through this.

I’m trying

to speak,

smile, stand, breathe, stay alive,

it’s not really working.

I’ll kneel, helpless,

a victim of captured constellations

and my own shattered heart.


Her face is the entire earth at once flooding into my veins.

How did I ever do this in my dreams?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/30/16

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As is all you write!

I'm a fan!

Bless your ink,Koko

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....