By jfarrell


Behind me lies the road I have travelled;

As I arrive at this crossroad,

I will sit, rest,

Consider my options


Nearly 20 years in childcare,

But I am not that person anymore;

Suicide and looking after kids

Do not mix well


So, here I am

At the crossroad;

To my left lies bar work

I can help folk find oblivion


To my right lies kitchen work;

Although recent experience suggests

I am a case of mass food poisoning

Waiting to happen


The road ahead is paved with words;

Short words, long words

And the signpost reads “Your future is this way”

This is my crossroad and the road ahead looks beautiful


Author's Notes/Comments: 

robert johnson met the devil at a crossroads "teach me to play the blues" he asked, i'd love to be able to play the blues, but i a crap guitar player, so i'll settle for burning everything :)

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