Lady Certainly

Polo shirt, faded jeans, tan nylons, no shoes---

these aspects will identify you;

Lady Certainly my poetry has named you;

but your soaring faith in Christ and His Scriptures

are His everlasting gift to you.

Though the lost world surrounds, and sometimes interferes,

your Love and compassion---

your adamant faithfulness against all disappointments---

have filled the shambles of my life

with your testimony of faith,

and the contours of poetry.





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So now i suppose i know why

So now i suppose i know why you find my work of interest as i have read yours more carefully and see your writing through a lens of contrast to my own ie the catholic and the pagan. I am in no way opposed to the self effulgent light of the divine as i use its strength to play mirthfully in the great shadow it casts

ie the interplay of of the sacred and the profane in this hologram of bianary conciousness 

My head above the heavens my feet below the hells

Best Z

I was in a struggle with life itself:
God and Satan fought for my soul those three hours long
God conquered - Now I have only one doubt left - which one of the twain was God"

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Truth to tell, I did not even

Truth to tell, I did not even think of it in those terms, but in the terms that a lot of your poems seem to resonant with the Aickmanian style, and I liked that.  Hence my question to you about him.


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