Against all odds

Soul mates

Sleepless longing
lying awake in my cocooned state.
my bed is full and yet it feels empty,
just to see you again
would light a firestorm of passion

Don't know what Im thinking...
Never guess what Im feeling...
What good is it to see you?
I am only ever condemned
to do nothing.

I wish with all my heart I was
a wanton thing and brave enough
to let all my earthly desires win
But still I drive all night
to rid me of this pain
and hope we recreate
that fateful night again.

where you and I
were both searching
and crossed eachothers paths
in the dead of night
and sat till the morning light
talking of endless possibilites and
the lights in our lives, singing lovesongs
in eachothers names.

a magical night,
where hope soared above the stars
that lined the gates of heaven
we were everything we needed
not even a touch was exceeded
all our honesty our truth
in that one night of revelation.

Oh how I wish I gave you that kiss
under the glorious full moon
I go there more often than you'd think
it will never be again the way it was
but against all odds
one day I hope to find you there waiting...

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